Chemicals in water and pesticides harm… who knew?

According to a press article today in the UK, “a byproduct of chemicals used to help purify water could be to blame for a surge in food allergies”.

A “surge”? I’m not sure sure this word has any place here but the media do like to hype up headlines for newspaper sales and TV viewing figures.

The article goes on to read that it isn’t just that, it could also be pesticides used on food.

It goes on to say, “However, it is thought that many people believe they suffer from a food allergy but actually do not” – There is no 100% conclusive test to determine all food allergies. Not to mention that sometimes there can be a delay in symptoms and also crucially there may be an intolerance rather than an allergy. But it doesn’t help when the people that are supposed to help and be the experts quickly blame the individual and try and suggest it’s psychosomatic rather than admit their methods, or rather should I say the, “Religion of Science”, can’t compute the factors involved.

Chemicals, whether it’s what is added to water or what they spray on food are not what our bodies are supposed to ingest. Sure, it’s in the air, on our furniture, useless fire retardents in our beds, and sofas and we can’t get away from it. But that isn’t an argument for the use of such poisons.maze

There are thousands of chemicals used in the manufacturing of the goods we buy, only a tiny amount have been tested in terms of what they can do to our health and none have been tested synergistically, that is, when they interact with each other or what we are exposed to every day.

All of the above, with the experts that are supposed to help us suggesting it’s all in your mind, does the opposite of empower you. It isn’t your fault you don’t know where to turn sometimes for advice. They’ve made it a continually changing and confusing maze intentionally.