You’re Supposed To…

Following on from my previous blog, this is another perspective that I wanted to write about in the first place.

Studies? Experiments? Great. But don’t rely on them to the extent that you lose your common sense and your instinct. Things can certainly be examined scientifically, but not to lose sight of the answer that is staring at you in the face.

There’s a Mayo Clinic article here about how lack of sleep is bad for your health. And another on the BBC Health section. They talk about all sorts of clever stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you deem it as the only way to determine what and how we live. We aren’t nocturnal, and we need to sleep, preferably at night because our eyes don’t work too well in the dark. We have artificial lighting in our homes and that gives us more control over when we sleep and don’t sleep. But bottom line? We are supposed to sleep at night. Night is when the sun goes down. And really, that’s it. Yes I know, we don’t live in the Jungle any more… what about the Winter when it gets dark early?… I need to get up for work when it’s still dark o’clock… etc. Well, we certainly do these things but as an animal that we are, it will impact on our health if we don’t sleep, because, we’re supposed to.

Why do we often lose our appetite when we get unwell? Because we’re supposed to. That’s it. Is there a clever scientific explanation? Probably. But it doesn’t change the fact that we’re supposed to. You hear phrases when you’re sick telling you to eat ‘to keep your strength up’. This is because when you’re well you eat, you sleep, you smile (usually) and you don’t cough, nor do you have a fever (to name but a few symptoms). So when one of these factors goes AWOL, like not eating, well meaning friends and family want you to eat because it restores that element giving the illusion of well-being. But you know without me telling you that it’s nonsense. You aren’t supposed to eat until your body tells you to. Nature has taken care of it already, like everything else.Bear cartoon strip

Remember your body tries to eliminate waste all the time. Not just digestive waste, but cell waste. We’re all made of cells and each and every one of them are like little people, they need to eat and they need to poop. And that poop is generally acidic so it needs to be eliminated or it causes problems. In the same way that a baby develops a rash (acid burn) on its bottom if you don’t change it’s dirty diaper/nappy. If you get something in your eye, it waters to help eliminate what shouldn’t be in there. If you eat bad food you’ll either be sick or have diarrhoea. If you get a fever, it’s to kill the invading body. It’s all supposed to happen.

Also bear in mind that Western “modern” medicine only suppresses symptoms. If you’re sick, they have something to stop you being sick. If you have a fever there is medication to bring it down. If you have high cholesterol there is medication to lower it so next time you have a blood test there is an illusion that you have low cholesterol. There is little discussion as to the cause. Why you’re vomiting, why you have a fever, why you have high cholesterol.

We can live our busy lives, fly to the moon and destroy everything around us, but there’s a price to be paid if we lose a sense of our place in this world.

Remember that bear, she is supposed to be there.


There is no evidence that you exist

‘There is no evidence’ … ‘…there is no scientific evidence… ‘, ‘Has that been backed up by studies?’. You’ve heard these before right? These kinds of phrases have somehow changed their meaning from their literal meaning to somehow representing truth. So if there’s no ‘evidence’, it isn’t true.

Evidence usually comes from studies. Studies are great and have a place in our world. But they should be left to the academics. We should leave studies alone and think, or rather, stop thinking. How many times have you heard somebody feverishly use a study to validate their point? But it’s useless. Scientists rarely agree on anything and usually when you have one study that suggests something, there is another study that suggests the opposite. And, of course, studies always need more studies and the process is, rightly, ongoing. So if you use evidence from a study to validate your point, think again.

Studies are produced in an environment where money rules. I’m not for one moment suggesting all scientists are somehow unethical. On the contrary, I think they’re the opposite. But scientists rarely exist in a vacuum. They usually work for an organisation and, like most organisations, they exist to make money.

What this means is that you’re never going to get a pharmaceutical company doing a study on the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet. This isn’t a conspiracy, why would they? That’s like asking an oil company to commission a study on fuel alternatives. Or like expecting a mobile phone company to publish a study saying mobile phones are dangerous to health. In addition to that, you should by now appreciate that if you want to be a doctor, the people who designed the qualifications that you need are the same people that will profit by you distributing their products once you become a doctor. You must be useful to them. You aren’t going to learn about true health and vitality and how to predominantly take people off medication when this medication is the very medication that keeps a pharmaceutical company in business.new_study_shows

But on the point of health, it’s the pharmas that largely have the monopoly on who does the studies. So when I tell people that a diet that is alkaline to the body is not only good for you but allows the body to heal itself from countless issues, I am often told that there is no evidence to back that up. Well… That’s right, there isn’t. Who exactly is going to carry this study out? If you don’t financially profit from the results you’re not going to not do that study. What you will do, however, is ensure that your army of PhD employee doctors either create a study that suggests the opposite, or make enough ‘noise’ in order to cast doubt on your study.

What really disturbs me is that it creates a pattern of thought that I don’t think is healthy. It suppresses your intuition. It dis-empowers you. Above all it leaves you in a constant state of confusion. How many times have we seen studies about a certain food claiming its health benefits? Only to see the opposite advice after a short time? The result is that you ‘give up’ and you feel that you don’t know anything. You’re led to believe that only the experts know things, not you and if they can’t even agree, how could anyone else? This resignation and confusion leaves you weak and this, I think, has serious implications on your well-being.

The other serious issue is that, despite this illogical nature of studies, because we’re led to believe that this is the only source of truth, they can then be used to actually cause doubt or create even more confusion, hence the snapshot.

We’re the only species that don’t know what to eat. We write books about what we should eat. Our instinct and intuition driven out of us leaving us more sick that we’ve ever been. The truth is in nature, it’s the only place it’s ever been and it’s the only place it’ll ever be. Take back your control, it was always yours to begin with.