Breakfast the most important meal of the day?

This video by Loren Lockman brilliantly slices through the conditioning we all have about when to eat. Thanks Loren for giving me permission to post this here.


‘Everything in moderation’ – No thanks

“Everything in moderation”. You’ve heard it.

Makes sense doesn’t it? Like “Too much of anything is not a good thing”.

As often the case, a phrase can start to bleed into all sorts of areas and then somehow it becomes engrained as some sort of truth. As usual my focus is on health and something I hear a lot of is just this phrase ‘Everything in moderation’. I’m here to tell you that it means nothing. Or, it means so little that it’s irrelevant.meatsandwich - Copy

I’m vegan and sometimes go through long periods of time just eating raw food, usually just fruit. I’m apparently “restricting” my diet or depriving myself.

Well look, step back from your view of the world and you’l see that “everything” means a lot when you apply it across cultures. Dog, Cat, insects, rat, gerbil… to name but a few. When was the last time you ate some of that? “Everything” in moderation right?

You see, this phrase is used as a justification to carry on the habit of eating without thinking. I don’t eat meat or dairy because I don’t see it as food to begin with. Sure you “can” eat decaying flesh and drink another mother’s milk secretions if you like and it will keep you alive for a bit. So will fast food. Are we going to decide that a cow is having too much grass?

Do yourself a favour and banish this phrase and see it for what it is, in terms of health, it’s nothing.