You’re no different

– What works for one person may not work for somebody else. We’re all different –

Do you think the above two statements are true? Many of my clients feel different from “society”, a lot have exhausted conventional medicine and seek to heal themselves through different means. At this point their friends and family see the change, see them get better and in many cases better than they have ever been. Then the trickle of comments start and often the things they say relate to how we’re all individuals and just because, for example, someone may see vast health improvements by cutting out mucus forming food such as dairy, well, it doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone, “we’re all individuals”.

Well, we’re not. We’re all the same. We all need the same basic type of food and the same (tropical) living conditions. We may have spread ourselves all over the world and invented boxes called houses and yes our genes may vary, but none of this alters the fact that we all need the same things. Especially in terms of food and shelter.

Do you have a dog? A cat? What do you feed it? Dog or cat food? Without getting into the details of commercial ‘pet food’, aren’t our pets all different? Well in terms of personality sure, but put that aside and they (at least) should eat the same type of food as they would in the wild. Just like us.Apples

Even with our homes most of us are lucky to have, homes that are virtually sealed from the outside elements, we still need heating and/or air conditioning to maintain the climate we still haven’t evolved from. So why is food any different? It isn’t. We can eat a wide range of substances that we now believe to be food, and we can survive on it for some time, but read the headlines and you’ll see that we are not getting any healthier. We may be better off than the squalid conditions of yesteryear,  but don’t get confused, we should never have gotten ourselves in such a situation to start with.

The medical community has failed us. Don’t blame the doctors, it isn’t their fault. Blame the faceless corporations that have created the concept incorrectly branded ‘Healthcare’. There cannot be health when the only advice given is to take more and more medications. Medications the body cannot recognize. Medications not designed to cure you, but to suppress the symptoms, the symptoms that are signals from the body that something is wrong.

If you can see through the illusion, imagine yourself in nature eating the uncooked raw foods that we once ate, there lies your answer. I agree that foods have lost so much of their vitality through over farming and mass productions methods, but this isn’t a reason to eat something else, because there is nothing else.