Thank You

I never intended to use this blog for what I’m about to say. But I thought, heck, it’s my blog, I can write what I like!

We just received this amazing basket of organic fruit, organic medjool dates, a card and a crystal today from a dear soul that I counsel. 

I just want to say one thing to you and that is, thank you. ❤



Your Name is Frank, and You’re a Girl

What’s the difference between believing something, and knowing it? Is there a difference?

Most of us have our lives run by beliefs, some people believe they need meat, or dairy. Some people believe the opposite. How are these set and how can we distinguish between believing something from knowing?

In my opinion, belief is replacing knowingness in much of our society. Individuals and sources of perceived authority feed us information that, because of the nature of that source, we believe it to be true. I’m not just referring to the mainstream media, or medical Doctors, I’m also including education. We believe that everything in our textbooks to be true. It must be? Right?books

Well if you want to work in an industry the degree or qualification you will study is designed so, with that qualification, you will be useful in that field. I argue whether the information is true or not, really is irrelevant. Not to mention that in just about every area of life fashions in how we do things change so however we do them today, will change over time.

I try and instil a knowingness in the people I help. I don’t want them to believe what I say, I try to awaken the truth that I feel is deep in every one of us. Because with that truth, once you discover it, you are no longer weak, nor confused. You have such an unwavering strength so strong that it will seep in every area in your life. If you merely believe in something, that belief can be questioned or replaced. This is not the same with knowing.

If someone knocked on your door, told you your name was Frank and that you’re a girl, (unless you are a girl named Frank!) how are you going to react? Are you going to argue with them and find your Birth Certificate to prove them wrong? No, you don’t even engage in the notion, it’s so absurd to you it naturally is not worth even discussing. You may even wonder about the person’s state of mental health. That is knowing! You aren’t stressed, you certainly aren’t worried, your core in unshakable.

Think about what you know, discover more of it. Remember that despite needing some beliefs in life, try to convert  them to knowingness. Most of the time, we only really know through experience. Don’t be afraid. Try something new rather than reading about it.