You’re Not Getting Enough Sugar

You’re made up of cells; your eyes, bones, organs… all made up of cells. The food of cells is glucose. Foods that contain this are all types of fruit. Eat your fruit.

But the media keeps telling me that sugar is bad for me.
The media are right, but they are also very lazy. All unnatural and refined sugar is bad for you. Lazy journalists then throw fruit into these stories either intentionally or because they don’t know themselves and then everybody gets confused. Fruit or 100% natural fruit juices are not part of this “danger”. Here is a good, short article that clearly states:

“(One note: we’re talking about added sugar, not the naturally occurring sugars found in dairy and fruit.)”,,20809521,00.html

Yes but I have diabetes, I need to avoid sugar.
You need to avoid added and refined sugar, not fruit. If you have diabetes you must, at all costs, avoid refined flour as that spikes your blood sugar like nothing else. Really, nobody should be eating any type of grains. Just remember, grains are fed to cattle to fatten them up quickly, you think it has a different effect on humans? If you can’t eat a food in its raw and natural state, ask yourself why you’re even eating it to begin with.

Here is a fantastic short video that talks about sugar in fruit and how it even protects your body from sugar spikes.

Doesn’t fruit give you diarrhea?
If you don’t eat much fruit and you have a lot, you may get loose poop. But it isn’t the fruit that causes it, it’s your level of toxicity. If you continue on a high fruit diet and a big salad in the evening, your pooping will firm up very quickly every time so this proves fruit did not cause the issue, it was your body.

Fruit digests very quickly so remember to always eat it before any other type of food, not afterwards otherwise you’ll have fermentation.

Eat your fruit and when you’ve finished, eat more of it.