Stop Jogging!

In the UK today there is news of the son of a television presenter, who at age 31 and a reported fitness fanatic, died whilst jogging.

Of course, there may very well be some underlying health concern so what I write here is in a general sense to exercising.

Some people look at me strangely when I tell them that exercise is bad for you. By exercise I am referring to the pocket of time we create devoted to some rigorous and repetitive physical activity.Picture of people jogging

We are merely an animal and our day should be filled with physical activity. I do not mean “exercise”, I just mean walking, reaching for things, perhaps climbing up an incline and such. Anything other than living in a way that we would live if we truly lived in nature is second best and the further we get from it, the sicker we will be.

As I have mentioned before, you cannot exercise out a bad diet (anything your body is not designed to eat), just as you cannot be inactive 90% of the time and somehow make-up for it by doing some insanely physical activity once a week. You are still inactive 90% of the time. Of course, this is how many of us are forced to live with an office job, but it’s still unnatural.

In nature no animal runs for the sake of it. You run to catch food, or you are the food running for your life. Either way the run is over quickly, it’s a sprint. Adrenaline is involved and it’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s how you should run if you want to, sprint!

Other than that walk as much as you can and generally be active. This is far better than setting aside “1 hour at the gym”.

Look to nature, it’s all there is.


You Can’t Eat Too Much

You eat “too much”. That’s the phrase often used for people that are overweight. It comes from the commonly accepted theory, based on calories, that one needs a certain number of calories depending on lifestyle and gender.

“Experts” have told us that if we exceed the food that we need, then the body turns it to fat. It apparently
“stores” our excess intake. This suggests that it can be used later, perhaps when there is less food around. And hey, when people go on a “calorie controlled diet”, they lose that fat. So, it all makes sense? No.

I’d like to tell you that people get overweight by eating the wrong foods, not too much food. Try getting fat on fried foodfruits and raw salads. You won’t. And you’ll have more energy that you’ve ever had before. You don’t have to weigh anything, nor count any calories. Eat yourself silly. You won’t get fat.

“Ahhhh but no… cooked foods like pies and pizza contain more calories than salads, that’s why!”

I am not against all types of cooking, especially steaming vegetables. Processed foods, however, should not be eaten. Period. They are not natural, not normal and they do your body harm. Perhaps you’re thinking that a little bit won’t hurt? Well, if it’s bad for you, it’s bad for you. A small amount just means that the harm is more difficult to measure. Or perhaps not so according to this article.

And fat, what about the idea that the body “stores” these extra calories? I think this is nonsense too. When people eat a diet of primarily processed foods then switch to a plan of mostly raw foods they notice that they lose a lot of water. You’ve probably heard people say that it’s just water that you’re holding. Hang on, I thought it was “fat”? Useful deposits of yummy goodness that your body has standing by for a rainy day? It can’t be both. Well, it is water as anybody that has gone from a SAD diet to mostly raw diet can tell you.

Why water? Because processed food is acidic or mucus forming. The latter creates an acidic environment in that it prevents cell waste from being eliminated. (Check your first pee of the day, if it’s crystal clear, your cell waste is not being eliminated from your body. Your pee should be like a snow globe, full of sediment and even contain stringy mucus). Holding water is the body’s way of buffering/diluting this acidity to keep the PH that the body needs to function, stable. Switch to an alkaline diet and the water is no longer needed.

Fruits and vegetablesFurther evidence that fat is not stored for future use is that of fasting. Anybody experienced in fasting will know that overweight people cannot (and should not) undertake any high level fasting. This is contradictory to what we are told. Going without food (or surviving on little food) is fasting. If your body had lots of tasty fat then an obese person should be able to fast for much longer than someone that has no or very little body fat. Yet, the opposite is true.

Processed food is generally orange in colour, especially fried  foods. It harms you. Real food is colourful and looks naturally beautiful because it attracts us to it in the wild.

Eat the colours!

Is Your House on Fire?

I recently made an analogy about what cancer is on a Facebook group and received a few messages saying it helped understanding so here it is:

Cancer occurs when a cell is damaged by acid and then this damaged cell mutates. That is cancer. Remember, the bottom line is that nothing else can damage a cell, it can only be acid.

The allopathic medical community tell us that cancer “spreads”. A cell cannot damage another cell to cause cancer. It does not “spread”. But, this is how cancer occurs in different areas of the body.

To get cancer to begin with your body must be at a high level of acidity (genetic factors aside but even then, acids still have to be involved. Genetics passed down are weaknesses). If you are acidic, the area of your body that is the most weak is likely to be the first place you get cancer. BUT remember, the rest of your body is already acidic or “hot”.

Many conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis are essentially acidosis. It’s acidity that causes inflammation, sure you can lose yourself in the complexities that obviously exist in this discussion, but the bottom line is acidity, there is nothing else that exists that can cause this. When you have something like fibromyalgia your body will be so acidic or toxic that you will notice that you perhaps have a bad reaction to citrus fruits, because your body cannot tolerate any more acidity. In addition you may react to medications that you used to be OK with. Essentially, your glass is full and you cannot take any more.

Cancer treatment is often chemotherapy which has a PH of about 3, highly acidic. Sure it may kill cancer cells, but it kills everything else too. They may as well throw you on a fire, burn you to death, and say that they killed the cancer.

So you have a highly acidic body to begin with, then add chemo, it’s a cocktail of disaster and frankly death. This is why people say that their cancer has “come back”. Either they didn’t change their acidic lifestyle, or the chemo caused the cancer. Don’t take my word for it, even the allopathic community admits it’s cancer causing. The cancer did not come back, the conditions that promote its creation either remained or were made worse. So, of course, it has to “come back”.

A useful analogy is a house fire. You may have seen those safety videos where they leave a cigarette burning on a sofa, the sofa soon is engulfed in flames whichroom fire go up and cover the ceiling. The room obviously gets extremely hot. Things around the room NOT touched by any fire burst into flames on their own. The first to go are usually small coffee tables or paper, these are the “weakest”. This process is called the “autoignition point”. This is where an item spontaneously ignites. You see, the entire room got hot. The table did not “catch fire” FROM the sofa, it caught alight because the room was already so hot.

It is the same as an acidic body and why cancer appears in one place, then another and so on. So there is no “spreading” involved. It’s in a state where the weakest go first and the strongest go last.

Regarding why cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes. Given the role of the lymph nodes in the body, this is where you’d expect cancer cells to be! But that’s a different discussion. Again, the stress is that it did not spread.

You’re no different

– What works for one person may not work for somebody else. We’re all different –

Do you think the above two statements are true? Many of my clients feel different from “society”, a lot have exhausted conventional medicine and seek to heal themselves through different means. At this point their friends and family see the change, see them get better and in many cases better than they have ever been. Then the trickle of comments start and often the things they say relate to how we’re all individuals and just because, for example, someone may see vast health improvements by cutting out mucus forming food such as dairy, well, it doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone, “we’re all individuals”.

Well, we’re not. We’re all the same. We all need the same basic type of food and the same (tropical) living conditions. We may have spread ourselves all over the world and invented boxes called houses and yes our genes may vary, but none of this alters the fact that we all need the same things. Especially in terms of food and shelter.

Do you have a dog? A cat? What do you feed it? Dog or cat food? Without getting into the details of commercial ‘pet food’, aren’t our pets all different? Well in terms of personality sure, but put that aside and they (at least) should eat the same type of food as they would in the wild. Just like us.Apples

Even with our homes most of us are lucky to have, homes that are virtually sealed from the outside elements, we still need heating and/or air conditioning to maintain the climate we still haven’t evolved from. So why is food any different? It isn’t. We can eat a wide range of substances that we now believe to be food, and we can survive on it for some time, but read the headlines and you’ll see that we are not getting any healthier. We may be better off than the squalid conditions of yesteryear,  but don’t get confused, we should never have gotten ourselves in such a situation to start with.

The medical community has failed us. Don’t blame the doctors, it isn’t their fault. Blame the faceless corporations that have created the concept incorrectly branded ‘Healthcare’. There cannot be health when the only advice given is to take more and more medications. Medications the body cannot recognize. Medications not designed to cure you, but to suppress the symptoms, the symptoms that are signals from the body that something is wrong.

If you can see through the illusion, imagine yourself in nature eating the uncooked raw foods that we once ate, there lies your answer. I agree that foods have lost so much of their vitality through over farming and mass productions methods, but this isn’t a reason to eat something else, because there is nothing else.

‘Everything in moderation’ – No thanks

“Everything in moderation”. You’ve heard it.

Makes sense doesn’t it? Like “Too much of anything is not a good thing”.

As often the case, a phrase can start to bleed into all sorts of areas and then somehow it becomes engrained as some sort of truth. As usual my focus is on health and something I hear a lot of is just this phrase ‘Everything in moderation’. I’m here to tell you that it means nothing. Or, it means so little that it’s irrelevant.meatsandwich - Copy

I’m vegan and sometimes go through long periods of time just eating raw food, usually just fruit. I’m apparently “restricting” my diet or depriving myself.

Well look, step back from your view of the world and you’l see that “everything” means a lot when you apply it across cultures. Dog, Cat, insects, rat, gerbil… to name but a few. When was the last time you ate some of that? “Everything” in moderation right?

You see, this phrase is used as a justification to carry on the habit of eating without thinking. I don’t eat meat or dairy because I don’t see it as food to begin with. Sure you “can” eat decaying flesh and drink another mother’s milk secretions if you like and it will keep you alive for a bit. So will fast food. Are we going to decide that a cow is having too much grass?

Do yourself a favour and banish this phrase and see it for what it is, in terms of health, it’s nothing.