Don’t Choke on Your Newspaper

The media is not there to help or inform us in any way.

On one hand, this may seem obvious, yet on the other hand its very existence appears to represent the opposite, that the news outlets and newspapers are there to keep us up-to-date with current events, latest health discoveries etc.

All media outlets have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make money. They have to? Yes, they do in order to survive, but it’s the primary goal. This is why we consistently see stories and articles that are often adverts. These are disguised news stories such as when, say, people refer to branded goods rather than using generic terms. This is not to mention how governments use the media to create and change opinions.journalism

I think I have mentioned before but the one piece of advice I give you is, read a headline, then before you get drawn into the story, ask yourself why this story is even being told. What goal will be achieved by its publication? The moment you allow yourself to be drawn into the drama itself, it’s virtually impossible to be as objective about why it’s being told.

Journalists, in my opinion, have a responsibility to ask questions. Yet as time passes in my life I see this less and less and now I hardly see it at all. The media seems to just regurgitate whatever story the highest bidder wants told. How many times do we hear and read contradicting stories such as a certain food is good for you, then it seems the following week it is bad for you? The obvious answer to that question is that the media are merely reporting what so-called experts are saying. No, this needs to stop. When a source contradicts itself a responsible journalist should ask, on our behalf, what is going on.

This isn’t a rant, it’s a reminder to firstly switch off the television as much as possible and do something more enjoyable, and secondly, when you do watch it, be aware of what they are feeding you.