For Detoxification and Health Consultations including a full health assessment: this includes a health questionnaire, herbal protocol write up and one month email support (max 2 emails a week, replies usually Monday through Friday). If you wish to supply eye pictures, this will also include an iridology review. The 60-90 minute consultation fee for this service is $195.00

For subsequent health consultation follow-ups and for non-health related counselling (1 hour): $95.00.

All consultations, email replies and questions take place Monday to Friday although consultations on a weekend can be arranged, if possible.

Sessions are carried out via Skype. A headset is recommended for sound quality.  A webcam is optional, whatever you are more comfortable with.

Everything discussed is confidential under counselling ethics.

Please note that being vegan, we do not work with or have any experience in working with animal glandulars so if you would like a protocol it will be a herbal protocol. If you would prefer to work with animal glandulars as well as herbs, we will be happy to recommend another practitioner for you.

To contact me please click here.

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