I scheduled an initial SKYPE consultation with Marco and he was very prepared having read and studied my health questionnaire beforehand. Marco listened to my issues and was able to quickly ask the pertinent questions to determine my health deficiencies. A few days after the SKYPE session I received a nice summary with a detailed plan of action for better health that included two detoxing protocols using Dr. Morse’s herbs: an basic, inexpensive one, and a more expensive, thorough, full body, detox one. Marco and I also exchanged numerous emails after the initial SKYPE session which were fantastic because Marco replies using you tube videos which no one can view but me, and which Marco promptly deletes after I’ve viewed them. Marco’s experience in these videos is immediately obvious-he was able to answer my endless questions, give me references for further reading, and introduce me to vegan alternatives to meat, just to name a few. Marco would use analogies in these videos that helped me understand the body’s mechanisms and how they relate to disease and toxicity. At times during these videos Marco will stray in his discussion from the main point, but it’s never a bother nor is it for very long. A few times it was even entertaining.
Now for the really fantastic part: Marco does not try to sell you anything in these SKYPE/email exchanges. His interest is solely focused on changing your diet to vegan, so that you can begin to detox your body, which will, in turn, eliminate the root cause of your health issues. Of course Marco can recommend things to aid in your detox such as herbs and/or further reading materials, but these are for the patient’s benefit and not for Marco’s financial gain. When Marco and I first began corresponding I was reluctant to give up animal protein and alcohol for an all raw, fruit and vegetable one. I was searching for a spark to convince me to change my diet and rather than telling me what I should do, Marco would simply inform me of the health consequences to my body from continued meat, cheese and alcohol consumption. It was these consequences combined with his spot on analogies that really helped in my decision making process. I can honestly state if it weren’t for Marco I would not be a vegan today and my health would certainly be poorer.
R.C. Germany

Everyone in my life wants to tell me what to do, everyone has an opinion and they think they know what’s best for me. Marco is not like them. He takes a different approach. He gives pearls of wisdom and then I have to decide what to do with them. He teaches people how to help themselves. He talks about ‘perspective’ and he has taught me to stand on a different spot and look at the situation again. He knows that the answers are already inside each of us. He says ‘nothing matters really’ and he does not mean that he does not care or that I should not care but that everything in life is just like a movie and if we just watch rather, than getting lost the drama, we will see that none of it really matters. I am frequently completely lost in my acting role in the drama of life and I really believe that a particular problem I have is really real and really significant. If I look again from a wider perspective, the problem seems less concrete, more opaque. Looking at ‘the whole book and not just the chapter’, as Marco would say. He says ‘whatever happens, it is ok’ and this really is true. On the occasions when I am able go quiet and stop thinking, everything really is ok. Like Marco says, ‘it is always the mind’…
Thank you Marco for all you do and keep on shining your guiding light…

I’d like to tell my experience with Marco because it’s been like a rebirth for me. I had been struggling and trying to fix my hypothyroidism for 2 years, specifically Hashimoto kind, but with no results. My values were really not in balance and I had to be on Eutirox for 6 months with no improvement. At that point I decided to change my diet and I first started a vegetarian diet, then mostly vegan and things started to change. I had been hearing about Dr. Morse’s herbs for a while and I really wanted to detox with their help. So I found Marco and I thank him for all the comfort and wisdom and professionalism that he gave him, because I was DESPERATE. We talked for a good two hours and he helped me to dig into myself, into my emotional issues, in which I’m still working on, while giving me the best therapy and diet. I detoxed with Morse’s herbs for a month with a raw vegan diet and when I finally had my blood check again all my thyroid values where good, they were actually perfect! I know this is a long journey for continuing getting well but I know that Marco is always there for me. Recently my daughter received his help and she’s very happy as well. I finally let go of all the fears that doctors instill in you because I feel like I now have a solid, trusted support, Marco.
Thank you!
Vincenza, Italy

What Marco has done helping me in my healing journey has been really great on so many levels. Reminding me how simple things are and how we can learn to trust our body again, he really empowered me and gave me the courage to get rid of my fears and embrace who I really am. Marco, I have found a new friend. Keep doing this, you are amazing.
Erika, Italy

I cannot begin to express how supportive Marco and Debbie have been to me. They have guided and helped me along my path to wellness in  a way that goes far beyond what they are expected to do. I feel like we are old friends now. I have been amazed and humbled by how much effort they have  put into me, always responding to my questions straight away and with love and humour. I cannot thank you both enough,  and am so grateful to have found you.
Nisha, Australia

Marco, I would just like to thank you with all the knowledge you have shared with me and giving me clarity in what I need to do. I feel as if I really am going to achieve my health goals due to your help and cant thank you enough for helping me transition into this new lifestyle.

Debbie and Marco have been helping me tremendously with my detox as well as the psychological issues that came with it. I’ve been going through some difficult emotional stuff and with them by my side, I never felt alone. Even if it is just a simple email, somehow they always know the right thing to say to ease a heavy mind. I’m really happy to have stumbled upon these wonderful people. Warmly recommended! 🙂
Sasa, Slovenia

I’ve been racking my little brain for months, trying to put into words how both Marco and Deb have impacted my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t adequately, nor eloquently, express with words all the ways in which I’ve been affected through their counseling. With their guidance and steadfast encouragement I successfully completed an true detox to address some physical challenges. I was also in a very dark place emotionally as a result of some traumatic life events of late. Both Marco and Deb have been compassionate beyond belief and encouraging, prompting me with insightful questions to consider and soothing my soul with their wisdom and experience when it was all just “too much”. As I stated in the beginning, the words just aren’t there really. Marco and Deb have been a true gift and I am forever grateful for their continuing counseling and influence in my life. My North Stars. I would encourage anyone struggling with their health or mental well-being to give yourself the gift of Marco and Deb. ♥ Daren, USA

Marco and Debbie, thank you SO much for everything you have helped me with. I feel like a new person inside and out! I promise to keep eating my raw foods, especially the fruits!! Hugs!
Lynn, USA

I don’t know what it is about Marco, just spending time with him makes you feel good. No judgement from him ever. I always feel like my batteries have been recharged after I talk with him. Grazie Marco! Marie. USA

Marco will help you enrich your life in so many ways. He will help lead you on a path to optimal health and well being. Marco is so knowledgable, so kind and so bright. His knowledge is priceless and I strongly suggest if you are looking to change your life for the better, you counsel with Marco and start your journey that will be life changing. Counseling with Marco has enriched my life in so many ways and I am a better person for it in so many ways. Today is the day!!!!!!Jayne USA

Detox is difficult, so difficult. Marco not only understands but has gone through it himself. He always seems to know. 🙂 Thanks Marco.Sarah. New Mexico

You gave me my life back. I already know you’re going to say to that, – “No you got your own life back” – But it’s true. Accept the compliment damn you! hahaN. USA

Marco! Thank you so much for helping me through this difficult time. I couldn’t have achieved what I had without you. I am now feeling so much better physically and mentally. I am now looking forward to my journey ahead and knowing you are there to help me. Thank you again and talk soon.  Cathy USA

I don’t know where to start. I worked in a slaughterhouse as I needed a job and experienced something that changed me. Marco you guided me through this difficult time and have helped me understand that I was beginning to wake up from the sleep walk most of us live in. You helped me question everything around me from my friends, family and the way I live. I now feel like a new man. Marco, you are more than whatever you believe you are.J. UK

Our sessions give me the energy to be myself. As much as I wanted to rely and lean on you like an old friend, you gave me the confidence I badly needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Caroline, USA

I always feel better after speaking with Marco. Thank you for being there! Jennifer, USA

Marco help me change the career, very difficult time for me but now I am very happy. Grazie Marco! Pasquale, Italy

Marco is an amazing counselor and I wish I had found him years ago. I have tried others in the past but they were too busy feeling they were the authority on my life. I can never thank you enough. Grazie!
Diane, USA

After embarking on my raw food diet to get myself well, I needed help emotionally to keep on my new path. I found that I had many past emotions to deal with and talking with Marco not only helped me with that but also with raw food and health issues. I always look forward to our sessions.D.M. UK

Marco has helped me so much with my depression. Just thank you.
Claire, UK

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