Detoxification Simplified

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A Little Plastic In Your Sandwich Won’t Hurt

In the news recently we’ve heard that the food chain Subway, and subsequently other organisations, have been using the chemical Azodiacarbonamide in their bread. This is also used to make rubber in some shoes as well as exercise mats.

The extraordinary thing (or perhaps not so extraordinary) is that Azodiacarbonamide is FDA approved. The Food and Drug Administration are those that are supposed to oversee safety in the food and medical industry in the U.S. Their argument for having this chemical approved is that in small quantities it doesn’t hurt you. We hear this nonsense all the time and it’s a lame excuse. Poison is poison. Just because you can ingest a small amount and not have any immediate effects doesn’t mean it’s OK, it means that the harm is too small to be measured.veggiesub - Copy

Other industries are still hiding the ingredients of their products. It is intentional that wine makers, for example, have fought long and hard about not listing the ingredients of wine. One of their excuses is that it will confuse and create misconceptions. So they are not listing it to protect us from ouirselves? They want to make money, that’s the bottom line and never forget it. Real wine is made from grapes and… only that. It doesn’t always age well and certainly doesn’t travel well. Go to an Italian, French or any small village where people make wine traditionally and you’ll notice that good natural wine tastes nothing like what you buy in a store. Listen, it’s simple, when things are kept from you, it is because it is not in your interest and somebody somewhere is making a lot of money from keeping you ignorant.

As the years pass we see less and less people growing their own food. Our diet is increasingly being supplied by multi-billion dollar corporations that produce food-like products in factories. Is it a coincidence that children in school are not taught about how to grow fruits and vegetables? They grow up only knowing that food can only be bought. Isn’t this what should be considered basic knowledge?

If you can’t grow your own food you don’t need me to tell you what to eat, it should be real food as nature intended and It should be at the very least organic. Anything else is simply not good enough for your body. Sure you won’t grab your throat and fall to the ground in convulsions if you eat genetically engineered food or a tiny bit of plastic (!!!) in your “bread”, but at some point you’ll get sick, usually when the body has had enough and starts complaining to you with symptoms like swelling, inflammation and congestion.

Stop it now and eat real food, it’s what you’re supposed to eat and nothing else will do, literally.